Career & Leadership Coaching

I work with clients who are on the verge of playing BIG in their life and work. 

Sandbox Consulting


When I left my previous job I was burnt out and ready to make drastic changes. But I didn’t know where to start. It was very easy to be negative. Carolyn’s energy was contagious.  She shifted my thinking, and I was able to allow myself time to unwind and really think about what I wanted.  She has a knack for listening and zeroing in on the one thought that can turn things around.

-- Customer Insight Strategist

I love Carolyn's versatile, intelligent and playful style!  I experienced an abrupt life change shortly after we began our coaching. Carolyn was able to skillfully meet me where I was at the beginning of each session.  Coaching with Carolyn helped me to discover and articulate my own values.  She introduced me to concepts and tools that continue to expand my understanding of who I am in this world.

-- Communications Director

How we work together

First, we dig.

Together we clarify your vision for yourself and then find ways to get there. Ways that are simple and also motivating.  Ways that work for you. Sometimes, we’ll also find out that there’s actually a point C that is more exciting, will provide more value, and is ten times more inspiring. And that’s when things really start to get juicy!

Then we dream.

I partner with my clients to figure out where they’re headed, find out what they do well, what they enjoy, what they’d like more of in their life and work. We talk, ask tough questions, do homework, dance, draw, sing, shout, rage and explore it together.

Then we do.

Next we identify ways to make it happen in a way that’s not tedious, boring or burdensome. (After all, we already have enough of that kind of stuff in our lives…)

So if you are interested in designing a life and career you can call your own, contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..