Workshops & Speaking

When I'm in the room with a group of people who are curious and ready to learn, we can move mountains, have fun, learn a lot and move into action. If I can deliver a workshop or speech where everyone leaves with new insight, a new tool or technique, or a new dose of motivation, then I’ve done what I set out to accomplish.

Here's a sampling of my creations -- contact me directly if you are interested in having me speak for your organization or event.

COMMUNICATIONS :  Creating Powerful Conversations - Workshop 

We all have the ability to make things happen. Sometimes all it takes is that first critical conversation. But if you’re having the wrong conversations, then it’s very likely you’ve come up against a wall. A tall, tall, wall. Learn how to get around that obstacle during the "Creating Powerful Conversations" an eye-opening experience during which you'll:

-  Identify and articulate the sources of your personal leadership core
- Use that core to explore ways in which you can make some powerful requests this year
- Learn a valuable framework that will structure your thoughts and remove some of the scary stuff from your conversation

It's truly time to craft and deliver the powerful conversations that will get your life and work where you want it to go.  To schedule this workshop for your organization, contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sandbox Consulting

"The discussion that we had was an eye-opening one because I realized that I am a talented person and I need to be in a place that appreciates me and my skill-set and wants to work with me so that I can improve...I can't thank you enough for...helping me to frame my thoughts in a powerful way." -Courtney H.


  “Valuable ideas about how to engage in more meaningful authentic conversations!" Participant, Powerful Conversations Workshop

GOAL-SETTING:  Playing BIG in Work and Life - Workshop

Sandbox Consulting

“I attended your workshop...last month, and I just wanted to thank you… I got so much out of it.  I'm figuring out what place my novel should take in my life, and what a fulfilling life looks like to me. You got me that much closer.”Author, Chicago


"Your "Playing It BIG"' theme resonated with so many of the women attending (we received many glowing reviews and "We'll be back" emails from our guests). You are a gifted speaker and coach, and I loved the way you were able to involve the audience into your presentation, and have us interact with each other as well. It made for a rich and more meaningful (and fun!) experience. You have a very open and inviting way about you, that made me and my staff feel immediately comfortable working with you. I look forward to further collaboration." Tracy Klinkroth, Founder - ChickChat


What would it take for you to play big in your life this year? What would that look like? What might get in the way? And how could you blow past those obstacles? During this 90-minute, interactive workshop, you will:

- Start to clarify what playing big means for you
- Identify some common obstacles to success
- Learn and practice techniques to overcome these obstacles

By the end of the evening, you will have a clearer vision of what a successful year could look like for you, as well as techniques you can put into practice right away.

To schedule this workshop for your organization, contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


In this hands-on workshop, you'll not only find out some of the top ways in which you get in the way of your own success, you'll also learn and be able to practice tips and techniques on how to overcome them.

Sandbox Consulting


"What distinguishes Carolyn Ou is her passion and compassion.  She intuitively senses people’s core issues in a warm and accepting way, in one on one sessions, which I’ve had with her, and in group seminars, which I’ve hosted for her.  For me, when working with people like Carolyn, the issue is trust; trust that I’m working with the right person and trust that she (or he) can deliver what I need. When working with Carolyn, one grasps very quickly that she knows what she’s doing and what I need to do to get out of my own way.  She delivers sensitive quality, compassion and guidance where we need it."

—Paul Klein, Klein Artist Works

Everyday Networking 

This interactive workshop takes some of the awkwardness and mystery out of networking. It provides both basic and advanced techniques to build professional relationships that can move your career or business forward. Find out where you’re headed, what you do well, and also where you hit the wall when you’re trying to network.

Sandbox Consulting

"I got the opportunity to practice using the techniques…outlined. I am so inept at ‘open’ net working situations that I really appreciate 
the chance to ‘pretend network’ in a benign environment."

—Everyday Networking participant